TV Broadcast

“Proclaim” is the name of our television program. We bring a television crew into prison during our “Weekend of Excitement” and film our services under the tent. Mike and DeAnne Barber also have the privilege of interviewing inmates that have had their lives changed through the blood of Jesus Christ.

You can watch our program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network(TBN) every Wednesday at 11:30 AM Central and every Tuesday at 5:00 AM Central. We are on Promiseland TV(KTAQ) in the Dallas/Ft.Worth region every day at 10:00 PM. We are on Victory Television Network(VTN) in Arkansas every Saturday at 6:30 AM. We are also on the Community Education Television(CET) every Wednesday at 8:00 PM.

If you missed our program on a local or national network, you can watch it right here on our site.

Our first live program from inside the prison walls took place in 1996. Every live broadcast is downlinked to prison units with satellite receivers around Texas and in neighboring states.

Mike Barber Ministries, along with their partners and associates, have launched a nationwide effort to install satellite receiving equipment in every prison unit in the United States.

The State of Texas and the State of Colorado have already approved the installation of satellite equipment in all prisons in the state. Colorado installations are complete, and 127 Texas state and private institutions are on-line. The first three dishes in Oklahoma’s prisons have also been installed.

Prison officials see this project as very positive in helping inmates find direction for their future and are eager to cooperate with the program administration within the individual units. Funds for the project in each state are being donated by churches and private organizations and individuals. The satellite equipment is given totally free-of-charge to each prison facility.